Growing up with a career criminal father in dangerous and impoverished surroundings, Christina was destined for a life of fear, hopelessness, abuse and never-ending struggle. Instead of giving in to her presumed destiny, she forged her own path and found her inner superhero.


Christina is now a professional race director, hosting triathlons and hackathons world-wide. She is a shining example of someone who was able to emerge from poverty and crime and find success through hard work, stubbornness, and unwavering optimism.

Debbie Heiser has spent over 28 years in leadership with international, domestic, and small business sectors and in numerous volunteer roles in the community. She started Three Vines Consulting & Leadership Development in 2016, focusing on helping organizations, teams and individuals identify and maximize the infinite possibilities available to them. Her mission is to help business owners solve problems, dream big, and explore what inspires and energizes them in their own lives, translating that passion into their business to get value-driven results. Helping others spark their passions and ignite their business in her lifelong mission!

Heiser is known for her rock-solid business experience with companies from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, her executive coaching and servant leadership practice and thought collaboration and speaking roles at Gonzaga University through the School of Leadership Studies. Through her work with organizations she has found most people are overcome with infinite possibilities however once it is broken down to achievable steps, they are amazed at how attainable their dreams and goals really are!

Dr. Kem Gambrell is an Associate Professor and faculty member in the  Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. She has spent the last eighteen years teaching a variety of leadership, organizational change, sociology and psychology classes. Kem holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Concordia College (Seward, Nebraska), a Masters degree in Leadership Studies, and a Ph.D. in Human Sciences (Leadership Studies) from the University of Nebraska. Kem facilitates an engaging process where transformative learning, critical thinking, and social justice perspectives are developed and utilized to evaluate and apply subject matter to situations and contexts. Her research has centered around exploring minority group and women’s leadership, social justice and leadership, employee engagement and commitment, and constructive development/sense-making and leadership. In addition, Kem has consulted for and not-for-profit business and medical organizations on a variety of leadership and organizational change over the past fourteen years.

My primary academic purpose, is a passion for teaching and assisting the calling forth of Servant-leaders through aware healing and creative learning, stimulated by holistic listening, pathfinding foresight and modeling.


Recently retired, Dr. Horsman was a Senior lecturer for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, Spokane Washington.    



PhD, Leadership Studies: Servant-leadership & Spirit in Organizations;

MA, Organizational Leadership; Group Discernment;

BA, Philosophy



John H. Horsman. (2018). Servant-leaders in Training: Foundations of the Philosophy of Servant-leadership. UK: Palgrave McMillan.

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Jakob Zetwick

"I was very skeptical about the Theory U emerging future process and had doubts about it giving me viable insights into my own and my organizational struggles. After seeing the example of sculpting by our course leadership, I was even more cynical about the benefits of the emerging future exercise. It was only when I presented my case study that I was able to discover my own blind spots and tools to assist in fixing my own processes thanks to the feedback I received from my case study team."

"The Theory U Workshop allowed me to connect with others in a way I had not before. I found the small group work and 4D mapping incredibly helpful when I applied these techniques learned during the workshop, to my team meetings."

Veronica Veaux

I wasn't sure what to expect heading in to the Theory U workshop, but I left feeling grateful for the experience.  Theory U was a life-changing experience that taught me invaluable lessons about myself and how I interact with the world around me.  My thinking about my past, present, and future shifted dramatically after going through Theory U.  This shift allowed me to make both major and minor changes in my life that have kept me moving forward.  Theory U was invaluable! 

Becky Beatte

 I will write this word – trust. It is fourteen months later, and what I previewed then continues to reveal all the abundant ways it has, is, and will continue to come into fruition for the rest of my life. Now I live more present, in now as I keep an eye to the horizon for my goals and dreams. I grew in my ability to hear with my heart through the gesturing exercises. I grew in my ability to understand that often in the silence is when we can hear the most. Trust. Of self. Of life’s flow. Of each encounter with another person. Perhaps this is where I should add one more word – Thrive.

Christine Hassing