We've gathered a remarkable group of professors, leaders, speakers, and collaborators to develop your capacity for path-finding foresight, take your team "from good to great," and overcome your organization's challenges. By the end of the 3-day leadership conference in Fort Lauderdale's crystal blue paradise, you will be so clear on your vision for the future, all you will have to do is step into it.

Being on the water (think beach walks and yacht workshops) is conducive to clearing mental clutter and calming internal chatter to get more focused. We start by getting present together, then teach you how to get in the zone, open to your emerging future, and actualize your organization's potential. Through careful crafted workshops, we create the quiet, reflective environment needed to understand that the thoughts and images that arise in your mind aren't random - they are the answers you've been looking for.


  • Create clarity and foresee your organization's emerging future (all you will have to do is make the next move)

  • Open up possibilities and pathways through observing mental images that arise

  • Tap into and harness the power of nonverbal leadership

  • Learn to unlock the potential of your team, organization, or community

  • Mindmap the emerging future tool to expand on your vision

  • Use "4D mapping" to make the solutions you discover attainable and sustainable

  • Learn how to create or stage a mini TheoryU experience for your organization


  • Business owners and high-level leaders wanting to make a difference in their organization

  • CEO, CFO, and COOs

  • Department heads

  • Futuristic entrepreneurs

  • Organizational movers, shakers, and decision makers

  • Governmental and community leaders

It is recommended that participating leaders should have an openness or positive association with self-reflection, personal growth practices, prayer and/or meditation.


Day 1​

Welcome and Lunch
Four Breathe Technique

Theory U Framework
Review the Concepts of The Field 
Discussion of The Field
Introductory Move
Yoga Breath
True Move & Mirroring 

Day 2

Nature Immersion
Embark on the Water
Four Breathe Technique
Seed Journaling Questions
Guided Meditation
True Moves – Current and Future
Four Archetypes
Case Studies

Day 3

Four Breathe Technique
Case Studies – Group Work
4D Mapping
Group Dinner

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Jakob Zetwick

"I was very skeptical about the Theory U emerging future process and had doubts about it giving me viable insights into my own and my organizational struggles. After seeing the example of sculpting by our course leadership, I was even more cynical about the benefits of the emerging future exercise. It was only when I presented my case study that I was able to discover my own blind spots and tools to assist in fixing my own processes thanks to the feedback I received from my case study team."

"The Theory U Workshop allowed me to connect with others in a way I had not before. I found the small group work and 4D mapping incredibly helpful when I applied these techniques learned during the workshop, to my team meetings."

Veronica Veaux

I wasn't sure what to expect heading in to the Theory U workshop, but I left feeling grateful for the experience.  Theory U was a life-changing experience that taught me invaluable lessons about myself and how I interact with the world around me.  My thinking about my past, present, and future shifted dramatically after going through Theory U.  This shift allowed me to make both major and minor changes in my life that have kept me moving forward.  Theory U was invaluable! 

Becky Beatte

 I will write this word – trust. It is fourteen months later, and what I previewed then continues to reveal all the abundant ways it has, is, and will continue to come into fruition for the rest of my life. Now I live more present, in now as I keep an eye to the horizon for my goals and dreams. I grew in my ability to hear with my heart through the gesturing exercises. I grew in my ability to understand that often in the silence is when we can hear the most. Trust. Of self. Of life’s flow. Of each encounter with another person. Perhaps this is where I should add one more word – Thrive.

Christine Hassing